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Esso. End of the world imageEsso. End of the world

Rafting on the Bystraya River starts from the mouth of the Uksichan River.The speed of the river here reaches 10 km per hour. There are no large rapids to the Bystrinskaya hydroelectric power station on the river, but there are a lot of rifts and clamps. During the rafting, new landscapes of unique beauty are constantly being discovered. From the village Anavgay up to the 47th kilometer the slope of the river bed is increasing and there will be a lot of stones in the channel. Further, the river valley narrows, the speed of the current increases. Along the shores there are only bear trails, and untouched landscapes. In the evening return to the hotel.

Evenki tribe imageEvenki tribe

Before you get to the territory of the Evenki camp, you must go through the purification rite according to the Evenki custom: under the mesmerizing sound of bubbles you will step over a small bonfire and you will be swept by a smoky juniper branch. Then you will be guided to the territory of the camp, where larch and birch trees grow, Bagulnik and Ivan-tea bloom, blueberry and honeysuckle, chic and lingonberry. From the stories of old-timers you learn about the rites and signs, customs of the indigenous peoples of Kamchatka, get acquainted with the traditional life of aboriginal people. Overnight stay in a yurt. Traditional meals

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