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Exploring Tolbachik imageExploring Tolbachik

Today your will have a trekking around the area. Visit countless hot cones, climb lava caves and try to cook on a lava fields. Day full of adventures, amazing views and great pictures! Return to your base camp for dinner.

Dead Forest imageDead Forest

After the volcano calmed down, volcanologists found diamonds in the cooled lava flows. Tolbachik found about a hundred diamond crystals, which is a high indicator. In their properties, these stones turned out to be unique and got their name - Tolbachin. In general, this volcano is rich in various minerals, and from time to time geologists discover new species.

Lava caves imageLava caves

Tolbachik also attracts attention with the presence of interesting lava caves. This phenomenon of nature is closely related to volcanism, since caves are formed in lava fields. The voids left after the passage of lava form pipes that sometimes reach several kilometers. At first they are hot, but then they cool down where there is an air outlet. In places where the cave remains without ventilation, the temperature can be very high.

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