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Crossing Kamchatka imageCrossing Kamchatka

➤ Breakfast

➤ Full day drive to Tolbachik Volcano (600km)

➤ Camp or village stay

Crossing Kamchatka imageCrossing Kamchatka

Tolbachik (Tolbachinskaya hill) is a large volcanic massif located in the southwestern part of the Klyuchevskaya group of volcanoes. At the base of the massif is an ancient shield volcano, whose diameter is 22 km, and on its pedestal are the younger volcanoes of the Acute and Flat Tolbachiks. To the south and south-west of the slopes of Flat Tolbachik is a flat-slope lava plain up to 45 km long, called the Tolbachik dole. In fact, dole is a lava cover with a thickness of 200 to 600 meters, which is formed as a result of more than fifty eruptions. The intensity of volcanism is inferior here only to the Klyuchevsky volcano.

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