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Ulan-Ude imageUlan-Ude

After breakfast, start the guided city tour. Today you visit Ivolginsky Datsan, famous Lenin’s head monument, and Old town.

Lenin's head monument imageLenin's head monument

The main sight of Ulan-Ude town is, in fact, Lenin's head monument. Every tourist who is interested in unusual monuments and amazing architecture should see this 7,7 meters-high bronze head of Vladimir Lenin. This monument is the largest head sculpture in the world.

Ivolginsky Datsan imageIvolginsky Datsan

Unique samples of old Buryat art, as thangkas, sculptures, ritual objects are gathered and preserved at the Ivolginsky datsan. Among the monastery's treasures, there is a collection of old Buddhist manuscripts written in the Tibetan language on natural silk, and a greenhouse with a sacred Bodhi tree. Transfer Selenga river and bathing in hot mineral springs.

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