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Spring at Lake Baikal imageSpring at Lake Baikal

Tour Schedule, Day 1

➤Meet and greet at Irkutsk airport/train station

➤Transfer to Olkhon island

➤Panoramic view points

➤Crossing to the island by ferry

➤Check-in in a guest house

On the way to Olkhon island imageOn the way to Olkhon island

Arrive Irkutsk in the morning. Departure to Olkhon Island. The road will take about 5 hours. Сrossing to the island by ferry.

A picture can't convey a full scale of this greatest creation of nature, Lake Baikal. Do you know what Baikal's breath is? The lake is so huge that it creates its own microclimate in the region! It is only 80 km from Irkutsk, and the temperature fell by 12-15 degrees. The wind is strilong and cold, it is Baika breathing, spring has come and he wants to throw off his ice shell, but he will completely free himself from ice in early summer only. In early May, Baikal is freed from ice. This is a stunning sight, which hundreds of photographers come to watch - the "leaving ice" of Lake Baikal. At this time, every ice piece is alive on Lake Baikal.

Check-in in a сomfy local guest-house or a hotel and time for lunch.

Burkhan Cape imageBurkhan Cape

The beginning of May is the moment when spring at last comes to Baikal, and the ice on the lake is actively melting.

Baikal ice melts uniquely - under the rays of spring sun, it changes internal structure and not its thickness, and the ice shell turns into tightly adjacent vertical ice needles that gradually decay.

Evening at Baikal imageEvening at Baikal

In the evening we’ll admire the views on the spring ice breakup from the top photo spots and meet Sunset and Cape Burkhan with its mysterious “Sarge”, ritual wooden pillars of Buryat and Yakut people.

They symbolize the "tree of life," the roots in the lower worlds of demons and branches in the heavens where the Noyons live. Sarge are bound with multicolored patches of fabrics.

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