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Altai imageAltai

Day Schedule

➤Arrival in Gorno-Altaisk

➤Meet and greet at the airport

➤Quad biking (ATV safari tour) with picnic

➤Visiting a maral (Siberian Red Deer) farm and degustation of tea with Altai maral antlers

➤Visiting a zubr (European bison) nursery

➤Check-in at the hotel in Chemal Resort area

ATV Tour imageATV Tour

Arrive Gorno-Altaysk airport in the morning and meet your guide. Transfer to the village of Manzherok, where you have a quad bike (ATV) riding along the mountain trails around Sinyukha Mountain and Manzherok Lake stopping at a picnic spot with stunning views of mountain valleys.

Maral farm imageMaral farm

After the safari, visit the most famous maral farm in Altai to see firsthand graceful Siberian red deer, as well as taste special tea and other products made from maral antlers, known for their medicinal properties. On the way to Chemal, we will also visit the only nursery of purebred European bisons, known as zubrs, in Siberia. Settle down in a cozy guesthouse located in the valley of the mountain river Katun for overnight stay. Rooms with en-suite facilities. Enjoy delicious home-made dinner. Optional Russian banya in the evening.

Comfy accommodation imageComfy accommodation

May turns Altai into blooming pink and violet marvel. It is "maralnik", flower known as Siberian Sakura, and it is everywhere south from Chemal. The Katun River is Altai's iconic hotspot. Translated from Altai language, Katun is the mistress (kadyn). Katun flows from south to north almost throughout entire Altai, and where it did not find a way good way through, numerous rapids provides endless opportunities for rafting of any level including the white rafting. Katun is born from the waters of the Katun Glacier (Gebler Glacier) on the southern slope of Mount Belukha, in Kazakhstan, flows along the Altai Mountain and to the Altai. Not far from Biysk, Katun meets with the other main river of Altai - Biya, forming the great Siberian river, Ob. Swimming in the reservoir, the Siberians embrace the mysterious energy of sacred Mount Belukha.

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