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Teletskoye Lake cruise imageTeletskoye Lake cruise

Day Schedule


➤ A motor ship trip on Lake Teletskoye

➤Yaylyu cordon & village visit

➤ Horseback riding

Tilan-Tuu view point imageTilan-Tuu view point

Spend a day exploring Altai National Biosphere Reserve. First, take a boat cruise to reach the unique village of Yaylyu located inside the Reserve and accessible by water only. As we cruise, we first see 3 waterfalls, Estyuba, Kishte and the famous Korbu, the pearl of Lake Teleskoye. In Yaylyu, we will be met by the state inspector of the reserve who will tell us amazing stories of conservation life, introduce us to the museum of patrol service, talk about very unusual milestones of lake shipping. You can embrace the nature during this tour, staying on land with 50 hectares of orchards, panoramic views of the southern and northern plateaus of Lake Teletskoye, the symbol of life is a worshipful pine and the gate of the mysterious "Shambhala".

Korbu Waterfall imageKorbu Waterfall

The mountain taiga framing Teletskoye Lake reliably preserves the history of ancestors or local residents. Lake terraces are an excellent place for living and farming. Many ancient things were found in the vicinity of Lake Teletskoye. These are burial mounds and bronze knives and ceramic utensils of the IV-V centuries BC. All these finds indicate that in ancient times life was boiling on the shores of Lake Teletskoye. The tribes living here hunted and fished, raised cattle and built homes. The first travelers, along with collecting information about flora, fauna and minerals, recorded the morals, customs and economic activities of the local population. Russian written documents of XVII-XVIII centuries reported the presence of agriculture in all northern Altai tribes.

Teletskoe Lake imageTeletskoe Lake

They call it "The Country of the Blue Lakes " or the abundance of large and small, mountain and taiga, unusually beautiful and picturesque lakes. There are more than 7,000 of them here in Altai and Teletskoe is the largest one. Locals name it Altyn-Köl, "The Golden Lake." The richness of the lake in its crystal clear water, clear rung air, surrounding mountain peaks and dense taiga. Сrossing the lake from north to south, you will reach the most mysterious corners of Altai - the Chulyshman River Valley with its 160-meter cascade waterfall Uchar, the tract Akkurum wher giant Stone mushrooms grow. It opens road to alpine camp Aktru with the coolness of huge glaciers and the highest snow-white peaks.

Horseback riding imageHorseback riding

On your return to Artybash, after a short rest, you will experience an evening horseback ride around the lake.

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