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Day 2, Fjords and lakes of Spitzbergen

Fjords imageFjords

Start off for a day of wilderness exploration across various landscapes: we leave Barentsburg and follow the coast of Grønfjord. The snowmobile allows us to run great distances in the immensity of the Arctic, staying all the day out in the wilderness and reaching otherwise inaccessible places.

Spectacular lake imageSpectacular lake

Our itinerary lies to the spectacular lakes of Linné and Congress. With the landscape in the background experienced by Willem Barentsz, nearly 500 years ago, we continue to Starostin Cape. A delicious lunch will be served at Isfjord radio, a mythic coast radio and weather station founded in the beginning of the 20th century at Kapp Linné.

Glacier imageGlacier

In the afternoon, we will drive back along Nordenskjøld coast, then across wide canyons further to Orustdalen valley. Getting up the Grønfjord glacier we catch an absolutely fabulous view on Barentsburg. As you wish, you can be offered a snowshoe tour to the Olaf Mountain. The tour doesn’t require special skills and could be suitable to everyone. The view downwards is spectacular! In the evening - tasting local beer and dinner of Russian cuisine.

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