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Day Schedule

➤Walking tour of the Old Town
➤Optional visit to Jurmala
➤Optional Latvian dinner at the stylish Restaurant Forest

Come and start to discover the Baltics!

Try local cuisine imageTry local cuisine

In Latvia they love to cook different types of cheeses, among which Janov cheese (it is also loom cheese) takes a special place. Ingredients such as sour cream, eggs, dry curd, salt and milk are used to prepare this cheese. The first recipes were created a few hundred years ago! If you eat first dishes or soups, Latvia will be able to please you with a very interesting options. The main ingredients of green cheeks soup are sorrel, salt and water. In addition, the soup can include boiled eggs, boiled potatoes, onions, pork, dill, pearl cereal. Each mistress and in each cafe or restaurant has its own recipe. This soup can be served hot or cold, and is most often eaten with sour cream.

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