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Chernihiv in winter imageChernihiv in winter

Morning free at leisure. Pack your bags and get ready to start your Eastern European ride through the winter wonderland! Our first stop will be in ancient Chernihiv, which is just 2 hours (140 km) drive to Kiev. Step out of our comfortable coach for a short city tour around the town. Famous Chernobyl area is across the Priptyat River. The first people settled in the territory of present Chernihiv about 6 thousand years ago. In the 1st millennium AD, on the steep banks of the Desna and Strizhnya there were several settlements of the eastern Slavic tribe of the Northerners. In the 9th century, the town became the main center of the Northerners. The rapid growth of the settlement was due to an advantageous geographical position in the basin of the Desna River and its tributaries. At the end of the 9th century, it joined Kievan Rus. For the first time Chernihiv was mentioned in the Tale of Bygone Years in 907, when the Kiev prince Oleg, after a successful campaign against Byzantium, obliged the Greeks to pay tribute to the largest towns of Kievan Rus. Chernihiv was mentioned second after Kiev.

Draniki imageDraniki

Time to enjoy lunch at cozy local cafes and try more of Ukrainian food. See how locals live here in the winter and learn to enjoy it! Then, drive to Gomel, Belarus, takes about 4 hours including border crossing. Driving distance is 110 km.

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