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Stone Town imageStone Town

Early wake up and hot breakfast. Today we discover stunning beauty of the "Pechora Alps".

Our first destination is the Stone Town. Your guide will take you through the "main streets" of the stone city, where new worlds open up at every turn. Marvel beautiful remnants of frost weathering, formed as a result of the destruction of Devonian conglomerates and sandstones. Imagine you are watching Egyptian sphinx, ruins of castles, stone termitaries, figures very similar to people, animals, birds ... A kaleidoscope of forms and shapes!

Big Gate Canyon imageBig Gate Canyon

We keep driving to the "Big Gate" Canyon.

The landscape of this natural monument is represented by picturesque coastal cliffs, here the Belaya River cuts through the Tchitsynsky Stone Range, and on its high banks are majestic and beautiful, and at the same time, dark cliffs of sandstones and basalts of the Upper Devonian period, with a height of 80-90 m. We will have the opportunity to climb a bit to have a look at the Russian North from bird's eye view. Return to Kotkino village for a hot dinner and Russian Banya.

Snowmobile route of the day: 120 km.

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