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Snowmobile adventure imageSnowmobile adventure

Early wake up and hot breakfast. Today we will see one of the famous rivers of Northern Timan - the Sula River.

Sula meangs simply "taiga" in Finno-Ugric dialect. The river is surrounded by taiga, which has penetrated far to the north, this is a kind of "taiga oasis" in the middle of the tundra.

Our route goes along the Sula to Shchuchya River and Pike Falls. Not very tall, but full of mysterious and harmonious northern beauty, the falls worth spending some time to take photos in the ice grottoes. We take memorable photos in icy grottoes. Time comes to dusk and it is time for us to move to the place of installation of the tent camp.

Yes, the last benefits of civilization and comfort remained in the village of Kotkino, and today you will acquire or replenish your baggage of knowledge - invaluable life experience in the conditions of the natural environment in winter in the Far North. Our overnight stay will take place in a tent like Tentipi Safir 9 bp, which is designed to be used in really extreme conditions, such as: professional expeditions, long trips by amateurs to climb where a person's foot has not yet set foot.

Snowmobile distance of the day: 120 km

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