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Khor Virap Monastery imageKhor Virap Monastery

Day Schedule


➤Head to Khor Virap Monastery (“deep pit”)

➤Continue to Areni

➤Drive further to Khndzoresk village

➤Reach Goris for overnight at the hotel

Khndzoresk village imageKhndzoresk village

After breakfast, head to Khor Virap Monastery (“deep pit”). Legend has it, St. Gregory the Illuminator, the patron saint of Armenia, was kept there in the basement for 13 years for the disseminating of Christianity until King Tiridates decided to adopt the new religion. Here you will find the best views of Mount Ararat, the main symbol of Armenia and a sacred mountain for Armenians. Continue to Areni, a city known for producing famous Armenian wine from pomegranate and apricot. Here we will taste various fruits and berry wines and oghi, Armenian traditional spirit. Then, drive further to Khndzoresk village. There is a cave city spread on the slope of the gorge, Old Khndzoresk that used to be one of the most populated villages in the Syunik region. The caves were used not only as dwellings but also as a refuge. Dwellers used a rope to get up to their caves located 20 m above the ground. The caves were arranged as terraces where the roof of a cave was a garden to a higher level cave. Reach Goris for overnight at the hotel.

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