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Juma Mosque, Shamakhi imageJuma Mosque, Shamakhi

Day Schedule


➤Departure towards Sheki

➤On the way, make a stop at Diri Baba Mausoleum in the village of Maraza

➤Continue to Shamakhi and visit the historical Juma Mosque

➤Then take a scenic drive through Girdimanchay River Canyon to Lahich, an ancient village famous for its medieval water supply and sewage systems, traditional jewellery, copperware, carpets, pottery, daggers, and iron tools.

➤Continue to the town of Sheki to arrive in the evening

➤Overnight at the hotel

Diri-Baba Mausoleum-Mosque imageDiri-Baba Mausoleum-Mosque

On the way from Baku to Shamakhi there is Maraza village known for its unique monument - two-storied mausoleum-mosque of the 15th century called Diri-Baba, located across from the old cemetery. For a long time, the local residents have kept the legend that there imperishable Saint Diri-Baba had been buried. However, many other legends and mystical details are connected with this landmark. Therefore, since the 17th century, it attracts pilgrims and simply curious visitors. The originality of this structure is that the architect "built" the tomb into the rock. The impression is that the tomb is suspended in the air.

The tomb impresses with its severity of architecture, purity of lines on the background of the rough dark rock. The light and smooth surface of its walls look solemn. It is remarkable that the main floor of this structure is the second one. In front of the main hall, there is an ante room covered with an octahedral.

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