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Garni Temple imageGarni Temple

Day Schedule


➤Depart Yerevan and drive to Garni

➤The Geghard monastery

➤Continue to the Holy See of Armenia, Etchmiadzin

➤Visit Etchmiadzin Cathedral

➤Return to Yerevan in the evening

➤Overnight at the hotel

The Geghard monastery imageThe Geghard monastery

Depart Yerevan and drive to Garni, one of the major villages in Armenia famous for its fortress. The fortress is the only pagan sacred place from the 1st century that survived the aggressive introduction of Christianity in the 4th century. Next stop is at the Geghard monastery (“a spear” in Armenian), the UNESCO World Heritage Site Medieval buildings are set into a stunning landscape of Azat Valley with its towering cliffs. The Geghard complex is an exceptionally complete medieval monastery in such a remote area of great natural beauty. And what is the most remarkable, there has been no changes here since the entire monastery was completed many centuries ago. Continue to the Holy See of Armenia, Etchmiadzin. Visit Etchmiadzin Cathedral which is believed to be the oldest cathedral in the world, and Zvartnots, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Echmiatsin is also the residence of the head of the Armenian Apostolic Church, the Catholicos of All Armenians. We return to Yerevan in the evening to enjoy the evening in the city full of delights such as gastronomic restaurants, bars with an outstanding collection of local wines or live jazz clubs. Yerevan is a city which finds its way to every traveller’s heart. Overnight at the hotel.

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