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The Monument in Prokhorovka imageThe Monument in Prokhorovka

Day Schedule

➤Drive to Jakovlevo

➤Explore Prokhorovka battlefields

➤Guided tour to the museum and monuments at Prokhorovka

➤Late evening transfer to the train station in Belgorod

➤Boarding an overnight train to Moscow

Prokhorovka Tour

Prokhorovka village (southern section): the Battle of Prokhorovka (12 July 1943) is the largest tank battle in history. The Germans had first thought they were almost through the defences and were expecting nothing more than a few anti-tank guns; instead, they met over 800 tanks. Our full day tour to Prokhorovka includes visits to several sites with a major memorial complex called The Great Tank Battle of the Kursk Bulge with a large bell tower, museum and field displaying Russian tanks, etc. In 2010, huge Museum of Military Glory was opened here at astonishing 5000 m2.

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