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The Monument in Prokhorovka imageThe Monument in Prokhorovka

3rd Battlefield of Russia

➤ Drive to Jakovlevo

➤ Explore Prokhorovka battlefields

➤ Guided tour to the museum and monuments at Prokhorovka

➤ Late evening transfer to the train station in Belgorod

➤ Boarding an overnight train to Moscow

The line reads: they were leaving for a cruel fight and performed their duty imageThe line reads: they were leaving for a cruel fight and performed their duty

Prokhorovka Tour

3rd Battlefield after Kulikovo an Borodino, tiny Prokhorovka village (southern section) keeps memory of the Battle of Prokhorovka (12 July 1943), the largest tank battle in history. The Germans had first thought they were almost through the defenses and were expecting nothing more than a few anti-tank guns; instead, they met over 800 tanks. Our full day tour to Prokhorovka includes visits to several sites with a major memorial complex called The Great Tank Battle of the Kursk Bulge with a large bell tower, museum and field displaying Russian tanks, etc. In 2010, huge Museum of Military Glory was opened here at astonishing 5000 m2.

Prokhorovka museum imageProkhorovka museum

The exhibits of the display case "Defensive battles of the Red Army of 1941-1942" testify to the tragic events of the initial period of World War II, about the heroic resistance that allowed us to disrupt German plans. A special place in the exhibition is assigned to the theme "Occupation regime." The exhibits reveal the darkest pages in the history of the Prokhorovsky district and cover the main areas of the invaders' hate policy - executions, hijacking the population to work in Germany, burning prisoners of war. And this is just a small part of military history of the 3rd Battle Field on display here.

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