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The Moscow Kremlin imageThe Moscow Kremlin

Day Schedule

➤ Guided tour to the Moscow Kremlin

➤ Transfer to the airport

➤ A short flight to Volgograd (ex-Stalingrad)

➤ Meet & greet at the airport

➤ Transfer to your hotel in the downtown

➤ Evening free at leisure

The Moscow Kremlin imageThe Moscow Kremlin

The Moscow Kremlin

The name "Kremlin" means "fortress inside a city", this construction had to protect the city from enemies. The Moscow Kremlin acquired the status of a sacral symbol representing the power of the great country. A holiday to Moscow is not complete without a visit to the Kremlin. Modern walls and towers of the Kremlin were constructed of red brick at the end of the 15th century. Now behind its walls, there are government buildings and a huge museum complex where thousands of artefacts telling about the history and the culture of Russia are stored. In 1990 both Red Square and the Moscow Kremlin were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Fly to Volgograd and prepare to explore the area. Under professional guidance, we will also travel outside of the city to visit the most remarkable locations. For a serious exploration of the area, we use 4X4 vans for off-road driving.

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