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Kursk imageKursk

Day Schedule

➤ Check-out of the hotel

➤ Transfer to the airport

➤ A short flight to Moscow

➤ Transfer to the train station

➤ Boarding the train to Kursk

Cathedral in Kursk imageCathedral in Kursk

Kursk during WWII

During World War II, Kursk was occupied by Germany between November 4, 1941, and February 8, 1943. In July 1943, the Germans launched Operation Citadel in an attempt to recapture Kursk. During the resulting Battle of Kursk, the village of Prokhorovka near Kursk became the centre of a major armoured engagement – the Battle of Prokhorovka – between Soviet and German forces, which is widely considered to have been one of the largest tank battles in history. Operation Citadel was the last major German offensive against the Soviet Union. Rebuilding efforts in the city began in February 1944.

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