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The Assumption Cathedral, Yaroslavl imageThe Assumption Cathedral, Yaroslavl

Day Schedule


➤Yaroslavl tour

➤Russian pancakes experience in the Residence of Maslenitsa (lunch) in Yaroslavl

➤Suzdal tour

➤Kideksha tour

➤Overnight at the hotel in Suzdal

Tolga Monastery, Yaroslavl imageTolga Monastery, Yaroslavl

Start the day with the guided tour to Yaroslavl. The legend has it that the future Grand Prince of Kyiv Yaroslav Vladimirovich, being at that time the Prince of Rostov the Great, was inspecting his lands back in 1010 and met an unknown pagan tribe in the place where the Volga River and its tributary the Kotorosl River flow into each other. The locals were hostile towards the prince and set a ferocious she-bear on him. Yet the prince had no fear and killed the beast with a pole-axe. The pagans submitted themselves to the prince’s control and he decided to found a city with a fortress on this site in order for freight boats to sail freely across the Volga River and trades and crafts to be developed here.

The Residence of her Majesty the Queen of Maslenitsa, Yaroslavl imageThe Residence of her Majesty the Queen of Maslenitsa, Yaroslavl

Yaroslavl was the first Christian city on the Volga River. Apparently, there are plenty of decent cathedrals and churches here to visit, however, we feel it's better to skip and instead, visit the Residence of Maslenitsa. What is, or who is Maslenitsa? Sign up to our tour to find out!

Panorama of Intercession (Pokrovsky) Monastery, Suzdal imagePanorama of Intercession (Pokrovsky) Monastery, Suzdal

Suzdal is said to be the reflection of the Russian soul. It is one of the most beautiful ancient small Russian towns. During the tour in Suzdal, you will see the brilliant architectural complex of the Suzdal Kremlin and its gem - the beautiful Chamber of the Christ, explore the ensemble of the Monastery of Saint Euthymius (or Intercession Convent).

Medovukha imageMedovukha

And of course, we will try "medovukha" - famous Russian soft drink based on honey. Suzdal produces the very best one!

Kideksha imageKideksha

Arrive at the small village of Kideksha to visit another highlight of our tour, the first white-stone building of North-East Russia dating back to the year 1152, and one of the very few original structures of that time that remain. Your guide will help you navigate through the history of the different “Russias” of those days, and about how historical events influenced Russian architecture and culture. Here is the place to feel the ambience of this remarkable historical area; to imagine clearly what Russia used to be like centuries ago.

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