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The Mount Pidan imageThe Mount Pidan

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➤Visiting real Russian Winery

➤The Far Eastern wines degustation

➤Tour continues to the beautiful old village Anisimovka, where you will taste traditional lunch, make photos in national costumes and create traditional souvenirs

Bio wines imageBio wines

The Far Eastern Winery & Magnolia Wine

Want some real Russian experience? Something beyond ordinary? You've come to the right place. Join us and visit a family distillery 3 hours drive from Vladivostok - an amazing experience itself as most of Trans Siberian tours include Vladivostok only. We at Discovery Russia believe the Russain Far East is one of the most amazing corners of Planet Earth and 200% worth visiting and exploring. Thus, we have partnered with the locals to arrange this exciting adventure. Does magnolia in Russia sound intriguing? Then, what about wine made of magnolia?

The area itself is called “little Switzerland” as we approach the mount Pidan. The owner himself guides the tour on site. The winemaker produces drinks according to own recipes from local taiga and garden raw materials – wild grapes, a magnolia wine, a kishmysh, a gooseberry, currant, honeysuckle, cherry … Natural properties of wild plants allow creating a drink with a rich aroma and a palette of taste. And the most important – natural. The winemaker can make a fragrant drink with an unusual taste, colour and smell of any wild berry. Also, be sure that you will not be offered anywhere in the world! You have to get that fresh juice of taiga and garden berries, spring water, fragrant herbs to make these bio wines.

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