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In the Urals imageIn the Urals

Day Schedule

➤ Arrive Perm at 06:37 am*

➤ Perm at leisure

➤ Board your next train at 3.54 pm

➤ Overnight on board

*based on current timetable & subject to change

Salty Ears imageSalty Ears

In 1841, Scottish geologist Roderick Murchison came here on an expedition to study the geological structure of the earth. It was here and in the Egoshikhinsky log that he discovered deposits that were 300 million years old. He singled out this period in a separate geological - it is called Perm. There is a place to see different geological layers here near Shpagin Plant now turned into the modern art space. .

Perm is often called the cultural capital of the Urals: in this industrial city there are as many theaters, museums, and modern art objects as factories. "Permyak - Salty Ears" is the officially the strangest monument in Russia. "Gribushin House" is related to famous novel "Doctor Zhivago" and of course the first in Russia Pasternak monument is here in Perm. The art object "Happiness is not far away" is often featured in Russian movies. Tatishchev Square is named after the founder of Perm..

The city has great cycling infrastructure for comfortable trips. Bike paths are laid in the center, so you can go on a bicycle to explore many city sights in just a few hours..

Kama River Yachting imageKama River Yachting

Or, take a chance to try Russian River yachting at Kama River with your fellow travelers. Let us know a few days in advance: during racing season, it might get tough to get a free boat! Here in Perm, there are several equestrian clubs that offer different activities. Opt for a short or long horse walk in the urban surroundings or take professional riding lessons in the arena.

Kungur Cave imageKungur Cave

Or, take a chance to take a public bus to Kungur town (2 hours one way) and see famous Kungur Ice cave and aspire to see this hardened fairy tale covered in bowels of the Ural Mountains. The Kungur Cave is called "the Ural miracle". The matter is that the rare combination of relief, climate and karstic processes has led to absolutely unusual cave shape creation.

All underground palaces on our planet are beautiful in their own way, whether they are in the Pyrenees or Dinars, in Crimean mountains or in New Zealand. But the pearl of the Ural Mountains differs from all caves with its unusual frosty ice dress. None of the other well-known caves has the same!

Lifehack: you don't even need to get back to Perm, you next train from Perm will pass Kungur station.

Chusovay River Rafting imageChusovay River Rafting

Hey, what about river rafting to see the beauty of the nature of the Urals? Thousands of rivers are well suited for rafting here. Chusovaya is the second longest river in the region, second only to Kama. There are many quiet areas that are suitable for beginners, but there are also more difficult routes for professionals. Koiva is a river with beautiful shores, suitable for rafting of different levels. Vigay is a fast mountain river with very difficult areas, suitable for kayaks and catamarans. Vishera - on the rocky, forest-covered banks of the river there are many historical attractions. Don't forget to return to your train though.

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