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Kazan train station imageKazan train station

Day Schedule

➤ Morning at leisure

➤ Breakfast in a hotel

➤ Check out an noon & time at leisure

➤ Self-transfer to a train station to board 2.56 pm train to Perm

➤ Overnight on board

On board to Siberia imageOn board to Siberia

Don't forget to buy some snacks for your overnight trip. With a break in Perm, the train ride continues 4,5 days. The ‘Trans-Siberian Express’ is in fact not a single train, rather than a brand. There are many daily/or not daily trains going eastbound and westbound. One of a few things, that actually works perfectly well in Russia. You will be surprised by the scale of the system connecting together the world's largest country, thus being a bridge between Asia and Europe. In fact, you can even continue to Hong Kong, Vietnam or even Japan by a ferry. The entire system works like a Swiss watch!

On board imageOn board

Meals on board

Don't expect an extensive menu or that everything shown on the menu to be available daily. Usually, salads and soups are served, main course (steak, schnitzel or fish with rice or potatoes). Typical breakfast includes ham, fried eggs. The restaurant car also sells beer, Russian champagne and vodka, chocolate and some snacks. Drinking vodka is, of course, part of the local experience, but it not compulsory. However, one must certainly try this special Russian on-board tea served in very special Soviet cups. A chance is not do be missed!

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