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Enjoy the city imageEnjoy the city

Day Schedule

➤ Breakfast

➤ Check out at 12.00 pm & free time

➤ Self-transfer to the railway station to board the bullet train for 4 hours journey to Moscow

➤ Self-transfer to your cozy hotel in the downtown and check-in

➤ Evening free at leisure

Peter & Paul Fortress imagePeter & Paul Fortress

After breakfast, enjoy the day leisure. Leave your bags in the hotel, check out is as always, at 12.00 pm. Go to see the Peter & Paul Fortress where all Russian Tsars are buried, or Aurora boat, the Revolution Firestarter. Walk in the oldest in Russia Botanical Garden. Rent a bike.

Grand Layout of Russia imageGrand Layout of Russia

In the "Grand Layout" you can see how much there is in Russia: forests, mountains, railways, factories, snowy taiga and palm trees on the seashore. All this is exhibited in the form of layouts with moving objects and figures: trains and cars go, cranes lift loads, hens peck grain. There are special buttons that you need to press to set some object in motion. Very soon, you will start your Trans Siberian adventure, so it's a good preparation, you will see so many places which await. You will undoubtedly recognize St Petersburg, where you are, and find Moscow, Kazan, Perm, Irkutsk and Vladivostok. You will see and how huge Russia is, and how daylight changes by night hours across 9 time zones.

Rossi street imageRossi street

Architect Rossi Street is the most symmetrical in St. Petersburg. Italian Carlo Rossi left important heritage here in St Petersburg: he reshaped Palace Square, constructed Senate building, Mikhaylovsky palace estates at Elagin island, just to name a few. Russia has honored the master and immortalized his name on the city's map. The street stretches from the Alexandrinsky Theater to Lomonosov Square. Go, if you like classical art: it corresponds to ancient canons. Its width is equal to the height of the buildings on it - 22 meters, and the length is exactly ten times larger - 220 meters. Five buildings are built according to a single project, and it seems that the street consists of only two houses, one on each side. Walk the full length of the street and turn around to evaluate the proportions.

Sphinxes of St Petersburg imageSphinxes of St Petersburg

Free lifehack: it's more fun to walk along the embankments of the Neva from the side of Vasilyevsky Island that along the embankments of the central part of the city. It is from here that there is a gorgeous view of St. Isaac's Cathedral, the Admiralty and the mansions. The main attraction of the University embankment is two granite sphinxes of the 14th century. They were brought to St. Petersburg back in 1832 from Thebes, the ancient capital of Egypt. The faces of mythical animals are a portrait of the Egyptian pharaoh Amenhotep III. In his memorial temple, these sculptures were discovered.

There are many urban legends about the Sphinxes, and they are very contradictory. Some say that stroking them is fortunately, and if you make a wish near the statues, it will be fulfilled. According to others, you can't look at sculptures for a long time, otherwise you will go crazy: sphinxes avenge St. Petersburgers for disturbing their peace and taking them away from their homeland. One is for true: the expressions on their faces change depending on the lighting and the time of day. They seem to smile in good weather and become harsh in overcast.

At appropriate time, self-transfer to train station to board your high speed train (4 hours ride) to Moscow. Self transfer to you hotel not far from the train station and check in.

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