Day 8, Off the beaten track, in the countryside

Rostov imageRostov

Or we may go to Rostov Kremlin again to visit all the museums

Rostov Kremlin imageRostov Kremlin

We then go to the wooden Terem to meet Tsar Ivan the Great and ancient hero “Alesha Popovich” – Alex, the son of the Pope. Today we try our hand at some old Russian crafts: painting on wood to make real Russian souvenirs such as spoons and Easter eggs; making ceramics to paint on; enjoying a tea ceremony with cakes, pancakes and our favourite, “bubliks”; tasting traditional Rostov drinks and playing on Russian musical instruments.

Ishne 3D-church imageIshne 3D-church

After intensive sightseeing of ancient churches, cathedrals and monasteries, after having bought rare and unique Rostov “finift’” craft souvenirs, we will take you to the lovely countryside to see the last wooden church in our Golden Ring Tour; the fantastic deep red Ishne church, built without a single nail, with its amazing 3D-effect ceiling.

Somewhere along the way imageSomewhere along the way

Travelling beyond the town, we will see how rural Russia still lives in little picturesque villages lost between green meadows and deep forests.

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