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Kharabikha, the poetry estate - Rostov the Great

Peaceful morning imagePeaceful morning

We start the day with a comfortable 90km drive to one famous Russian estate Karabikha, which belonged to the famous Russian poet Nikolay Nekrasov, and is now a wonderfully preserved countryside residence of the noble family.

Kahabikha Estate imageKahabikha Estate

We’ll have a look around in search of poetic inspiration, and go inside to see unique exhibits of the family’s history. We proceed forty kilometres further to Rostov the Great, another of Russia’s World Heritage Sites.

Rostov imageRostov

Rostov is a small cosy town straight out of a Russian fairytale, with an enormous number of cultural and historical hotspots (over three hundred!). Rostov Kremlin represents a typical Kremlin of lowland Russia; the main Uspensky Cathedral was built in the bloody times of Ivan the Great; the cathedral’s murals and icons hark back to those dark times of Russian history, despite the peaceful and marvellous surrounding landscapes.

Old estate imageOld estate

Evening on day 7 is a very special night. We visit the estate of a noble Russian family with a history going back six centuries. The most important is that the family still owns the property – a fact which seems obvious until you think that during the Revolution all property reverted to State ownership. It will be a great story, and we look forward to telling it to you, as we enjoy the privilege of a gala dinner and maybe some dancing under the old roof. Accommodation: Selivanov 4* boutique hotel.

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