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Mutnovsky Volcano imageMutnovsky Volcano

Have a breakfast at a campfire and get ready for an adventure! Take a hat, extra jacket and a bottle of water for a trekking tour to Mutnovsky volcano. The trek is of a moderate difficulty and we will walk into the caldera! Follow your guide's insturctions on the trails and pick your prefered one for today's adventure.

Mutnovsky Volcano imageMutnovsky Volcano

The first trek is nearly 7 km with a 600 m ascent into the main caldera. Another once is longer but with less to climb. Our 6WD bus goes as far as possible on a track.Then, we walk by old bore holes spouting steam, watching a mix of rtundra, blocky andesite lava and banks of airfall ash. We cross three broad snow-fields before a final ascend to the caldera, to the entrance gorge. Return to the base camp and rest.

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