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Novosibirsk imageNovosibirsk

Day Schedule


➤Novosibirsk city tour: Akademgorodok (Academic City), Historical and architectural open-air museum, Church of the Saviour (300 y. o.), Saint Nicholas Chapel

➤Transfer to Novosibirsk railway station

➤Departure for Bijsk

Church of the Saviour imageChurch of the Saviour

About Church of the Saviour in Novosibirsk

Church of the Saviour is the unique monument of wooden architecture from the time of the Russian colonization of Siberia. In 1971, this church was transported from the disappeared polar city of Zashiversk. It remained almost in an original state, except for internal reorganizations.

St. Nicholas Chapel imageSt. Nicholas Chapel

About St. Nicholas Chapel

A small chapel of St. Nicholas on the Krasny avenue is the symbol of Novosibirsk. It was built by local merchants in memory of the 300th anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty in 1914.

At the time of its foundation the city was called Novo-Nikolayevsk and not Novosibirsk, and the avenue was called Novo-Nikolayevskiy and not Krasny. It was there that the local charity organization «Yasli» (nursery) obtained from the emperor Nicholas II the permit to build a chapel in honour of the celestial patron of the city St. Nicholas. The construction was funded by the local merchant – members of that charity organization.

In the Soviet times there appeared a version that the chapel was located in the geographical centre of the Russian Empire, however, it wasn’t officially maintained, and besides, the geographical centre of modern Russia is in the other place.

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