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Cossacks and Irtysh

Abalak ostrog imageAbalak ostrog

Take a day tour to explore Siberian “ostrog” Abalak and see the sourse of Irtysh river. The Abalak is set just located 20 km from the city of Tobolsk on the high bank of the Irtysh. The wooden fortress was erected next to the Abalak Holy Znamensky Monastery and is a reconstruction of the Siberian prison of the time of the conquest of Siberia by the Cossacks Ermak Timofeevich.

Abalak ostrog imageAbalak ostrog

Have lunch in a local restaurant, famous hundreds kilometers around for serving real, authentic Siberian cuisine.

Irtysh imageIrtysh

Here as never before we feel this authentic Siberian spirit.

Irysh and Tobol imageIrysh and Tobol

We travel further to see the confluence of Irtysh and Tobol rivers. Tobol is the largest tributary of the Irtysh, at the confluence of the waters of the two rivers are comparable (Irtysh carries about 1300 cubic meters in a second, and Tobol - 800). Tobol is navigable, along it and its tributary the Toure River passes the waterway to Tyumen. In the place where Irtysh meets Tobol, a striped tank is visible - the separation of ship's passages. Irtysh is light, but Tobol and dark and transparent. From there, Irtysh becomes what it is: one of the mighty Siberian rivers. Next morning, check out and trasnfer to train station.

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