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St Petersbug imageSt Petersbug

Take an early moning flight to St Petersburg. Transfer to your centrally located hotel, we can drop the luggage off. Walking trip to the Winter Palace and the Hermitage guided tour. We insist you do it on foot. Why? Because there is no other way to understand and feel the city’s soul than to explore its secret walking trails. Let us surprise you with unusual homes, architecture, perspectives and stunning views. Today you visit one of the most important sites in Russian history and heritage, the world-famous palace of the Hermitage. Your guide will make it interesting to follow the tricky path of the centuries behind it and give you a better understanding of sophisticated Russian history.

The Winter Palace imageThe Winter Palace

The Hermitage is one of the leading museums in the world and a must-see in Russia.

Roofing tour imageRoofing tour

In summer, adventurous travelers may opt for a roofing tours....or for a more classic option of midnight cruise.

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