Bogolyubovo imageBogolyubovo

After lunch we willcontinue our trip to Bogolyubovo. It can be translated as 'God-loving'. Appropriately, it is famous for its UNESCO-protected monastery and Intercession Church on the Nerl - Pokrov-na-Nerli - which is considered a masterpiece of Russian church architecture. It is also a place of outstanding natural beauty. Attention: the is no driving road to this place, the final 1 km you will have to walk across the fields.

Drive to Suzdal and overnight.

Vladimir Cathedral imageVladimir Cathedral

The world famous frescoes of Andrei Rublev - the masterpiece and a must see when in Russia.

At the smithy imageAt the smithy

Optional visit to a local blacksmith is a great opportunity to create a gift from Russia with your own hands. will not be that easy!


Moscow traffic ofter leads to hours wasted, so we check out from the hotel and transfer to the train station for a comfortable 2 hours ride by a bullet train to Vladimir town. Your guide will meet you at the carriage. Take a tour to enjoy all the wonders of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We shall visit the Dormition Cathedral that preserves the world famous frescoes of Andrei Rublev, the architectural complex of the Cathedral of St. Dimitriy, the Museum of Crystal, Lacquer Miniatures and Embroidery.

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