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Teriberka Lost World imageTeriberka Lost World

Teriberka Tour

➤ Breakfast in the igloo

➤ Transfer to Teriberka village

➤ Full day Teriberka village tour including snowmobiling access to the best attractions

➤ Graveyard of ships, Arctic ocean and impressive waterfalls

➤ "Dinosaur Eggs"

➤ Lunch in a local cafe

➤ Return to the igloo

➤ Dinner and Northern Lights viewing

Dinosaur Eggs Beach imageDinosaur Eggs Beach

Transfer to Teriberka village, 130 km, 3 hours drive. (Northern Lights possibility: average) to the shores of the Arctic Ocean. It is the only place in Russia where you can reach the northern ocean by road.

Teriberka is one of the oldest settlements at Kola peninsula, founded in XVIth century as a fishermen village at the shores of cold Barents sea. Fascinating Arctic nature is the biggest treasure, though there is a decent set of historical and cultural highlights to visit. Apart from arctic flora and fauna and splendid northern landscapes, appearance in the famous Russian movie “Leviathan” have started to attract more and more visitors.

Teriberka imageTeriberka

Tour to Teriberka, being now the most popular village in Russia, sets the purest sample of cognitive dissonance: numerous visitors from Moscow and St Petersburg, travelling by expensive Land Cruises and other luxury vans, rising number of international travelers…coming to the semi-abandoned village with the old collapsing houses and the average salary of 150 USD per month. With its wooden cabins, colorful seafront, empty shells of Soviet buildings, Teriberka today is one of the most picturesque spots in the Russian Arctic.

Arctic meals imageArctic meals

Here in Teriberka, you will find yourself in the lost world, on the shores of the Arctic Ocean. We use snowmobiles to reach such highlights as the cemetery of abandoned ships and other attractions. However, life goes on and local cafes are now serving decent meals to international travelers. You can taste the crab, sea scallops, sea urchins, and seasonal catch of the day (weather permitting). Actually, the northern lights season starts as early as at the end of August.

Dinosaur Eggs Beach imageDinosaur Eggs Beach

On the way to the waterfall we will stop and walk along the beach, which is called "Dinosaur Eggs" - a beach made of large stones polished by waves perfectly rounded shape, reminiscent of fossilized eggs of real dinosaurs. In winter, this place is accessible by a snowmobiles only. What else to do and see at Teriberka?

Old wooden ships cemetery, beautiful sand beaches, abandoned historical part of the village, waterfall, battery of coastal defense, observation posts and strengthening's' of WWII. There are a few local cafes serving ridiculously expensive fresh crab and other, more affordable seafood. Please note, that due to bad road conditions and polar night, we depart at 4 PM. For custom overnight stays, please inquire.

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