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Tavi Ukko Residence imageTavi Ukko Residence

Legend Of Talvi Ukko

➤ Transfer to Talvi Ukko Residence & Park

➤ Private meeting with Talvi Ukko, Karelian Santa

➤ Karelian Lunch cooked on an open fire in a Yaranga. a Saami chum

➤ Visit Saami village, ride Finnish sleigh & feed deer

➤ Hot tea with home made Karelian pies &

➤ Return to the lodge

➤ Dinner

Talvi Ukko home imageTalvi Ukko home

In the heart of mysterious Karelia, among majestic nature, mighty mysterious forests, transparent lakes, noisy rivers and ancient rocks, where the celestial vault holds huge tree trunks, and the wind hides in sleeping stones, Aho settlement flowed in a tame forest place. Aho is a home of brave hunters and lucky fishermen.

Nature generously gifted Aho and its people with forest wealth, magic herbs, fragrant berries and mushrooms, which collect friendly families of hunters, and in each house there is wealth and happiness.

Dogs, who are a great crowd in Aho, are also happy, where they are especially loved and revered. From ancient times, the inhabitants of Aho co-exist with dogs who have become members of their families, loyal friends, defenders of the hearth and assistants in everyday life and on the hunt.

One evening, two dogs Kutte and Myutte returned home from the forest. A fierce stooge fetched trees, smoke from pipes rose directly up, and quietly overflowed in heaven green cavities of northern lights. Frost was growing stronger, and Kutte and Myutte rejoiced at the imminent return to a warm and cozy house.

Suddenly, Kutte stopped and raised her head alarmingly. A bright star flared up in the sky, pouring a road and a snowy forest with shimmering blue light. Myutte had not seen such a thing before and disgruntled at a strange star, and she, having blindly flared up, suddenly rolled down. Kutte decided to catch the star and threw herself from all legs into a ravine, where the trail fading in the sky pointed out. The cautious Myutte really wanted to go home, but what to do, she had to follow a restless sister.

This is the beginning the The Legend of Talvi Ukko, and the rest you will hear here, at Talvi's home when you meet Talvi in person and participate in the miracles he will be creating for us.

Talvi's friends imageTalvi's friends

Reindeer is the most beloved and universal animal for most northern peoples. In the very distant past, it gave man the opportunity to develop the North and until now he is considered good a symbol of life and well-being. Primitive drawings of deer are found in Karelia among rock images taken in the 4th millennium BC, in particular on the White Sea petroglyphs.

Saami village imageSaami village

We will also visit Saami village and learn about aboriginal people of Karelia. Here in a small nomadic village, you will see exact copies of the plague that the northern peoples still have put with nomadic deer herds, touch their lifestyle and culture, visit a real Sami family and warm up at their home. We will try on the traditional costumes of the northern peoples and send friends photos, made in the Arctic. You will also learn a traditional Saami dance - both adults and kids will be entertained!

Big Yaranga imageBig Yaranga

Enjoy the noble pure taste of venison fried on stone in the Sami yarang, with baked immediately, simple potato tortillas which can only be found here in Karelia. No marinades for fresh meat are needed - only meat, salt, pepper and hot coals, yes, perhaps sauce with berries of Karelian lingonberries.

Karelian meals imageKarelian meals

Between the Tea House and the pet farmstead is a large Yaranga. Today, take a part in gastronomic adventure when traditional northern cuisine will be cooked on an open fire right in front of you. Both adults and kids will appreciate the simplicity and conciseness of life of the Sami, learn how to bake meat on stone and dig fish on a board. After busy day, return to the lodge. Dinner in the lodge.

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