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From a bird's eye view imageFrom a bird's eye view

Winter At Kamchatka Half Day Tour Schedule

➤ Breakfast

➤ Transfer to heli port

➤ Heli fly over Gorely & Murnovsky volcanoes

➤ Picnic lunch

➤ Transfer back to hotel

From a bird's eye view imageFrom a bird's eye view

Kamchatka is a land of fire and volcanoes, there are over 300 of them. Today we fly over Mutnovsky and Gorelyi volcanoes, land at caldera of the Ksudach volcano & bath in Khodutkin hot springs Admire the picturesque crater of the active Mutnovsky volcano and the acid lakes of the Gorelyi volcano from a bird's eye view. We will land at Ksudach caldera and trek to two lakes, separated from each other by a narrow jumper.

Finally, at Khodutkinsky hot springs we will bath in hot thermal river and enjoy the wonderful views of the volcanoes relaxing after our tough day. Water in the Khodutka River has a temperature of 90 ° C in the upper reaches and up to 37 ° C at the mouth. Please note that helicopter flights are subject to weather forecast.

Crabs & Seafood imageCrabs & Seafood

if you'd like to go out tonight, we can drop you off at a great place to taste Kamchatka crab burgers.

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