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Kungur in winter imageKungur in winter

Day Schedule

➤Breakfast in the hotel
➤ Walking city tour in Kungur
➤Transfet to train station to board evening train to Moscow

Kungur in winter imageKungur in winter

➤One of the unique corners of Prikamye - Kungur - is the third oldest city in the Urals. In 1663 by the decree of tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich it was ordered to build a fortress to have great warn out of Bashkir attacks. "Kungur" on Tatar language means "swarthy, dark".
➤In contrast to other Ural settlements Kungur was eager to keep that charm of ancient Russian towns which helps to dip into the past XIX century and even to XVIII century. A Big Siberian tract which passed through Kungur turned it into a big trade center. And architects who were invited from the Central Russia made Kungur one of the most beautiful towns of the country and combined in its architecture empire, baroque and modern style.
➤The symbol of merchant Kungur is the Guest Court (1865-1867). Today it is one of the finest memorials of the trade architecture which remained unchangeable.
➤Churches which have survived till our days, several private residences and remained untouched quarters of merchants� buildings make the town's own attraction. Whitestone five-domed Uspenskaya (1755-1761) and Preobrazenskaya (1763-1773) churches are the unique masterpieces of architecture. St.Nicholas church with secret building of Ioan Predtechensky convent makes a fine temple ensemble on the high banc of the Iren river. Winter covers the town with a white carpet and you will feel yourself in steping back in times

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