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Beautiful Russian winter imageBeautiful Russian winter

Day Schedule

➤ Day on board
➤ Arrive Kungur in the evening
➤ Transfer to hotel and check in

Stay in a hotel with speleocamera imageStay in a hotel with speleocamera

Another day drinking vodka on board. We will make sure you have enough stock at hands - before we go onboard, we always take you to a shop. Train will cover 3050 km between Irkutsk and Kungur, our next stop.
In the evening arrive in Kungur, transfer to the hotel and check in. Evening at leisure. Our hotel is located next to the Kungur Ice cave and features "speleochamber". Air saturated with ions has long been used in Europe for health purposes, namely, it treat asthma, bronchitis, regulate blood pressure, soothe the nervous system. Air contains particles with microelements useful for the body. Trace elements contained in cave rocks are included in the biochemical processes of the body faster than drugs. There is also pool and SPA to relax after long train journey.

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