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Tundra Fishing & Snowmobiles

Aurora Viewing imageAurora Viewing

Day Schedule

➤ Breakfast

➤ Ice Fishing

➤ Lunch

➤ Snowmobiling

➤ Dinner

Ice fishing imageIce fishing

Today is a fun day filled with various winter activities. We will drive snowmobiles to the lake - a great chance to admire the unique northern landscapes!

Fans of fishing will discover a new amazing way to fish - and we assure you will truly enjoy this very popular northern type of entertainment. We will use fresh fish to prepare a tasty picnic. Remember, a day is short in the North, so we will use the daylight time in the most appropriate way to allow 1 hour of snowmobiling (2 people per snowmobile). You will ride yourself and then change to a passenger to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Snowmobiling imageSnowmobiling

You can do extra snowmobiling adventures in the evening, if you have a driving license.

Seydozero in autumn imageSeydozero in autumn

And what about autumn, when there is no snow coverage yet? We have the legendary Seydozero (Seydyavr) nearby, a unique place with many interesting artifacts. Esoteric consider them to be no less that the remains of ancient Civilization - Hyperborea. Geophysical instruments discovered cavern voids under a relict glade and tunnels leading from them under Mount Ninchurt.

Seydozero in autumn imageSeydozero in autumn

Kuiva - a rock image of a man and a deer. The height of the image, reminiscent of the cruciform hand of a person, is about 50 m. It is applied to one of the rocks. In the upper left corner there is a much clearer deer than Kuiva. For some reason, researchers mention little about him. According to Lopar legend, Kuiva (Black Man) is the leader of the Swedish detachment that robbed local residents. The detachment was defeated by the Sami, and its leader was forever impressed in the rock.

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