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Vinter’s Dacha

Vinter’s Dacha imageVinter’s Dacha

Transfer to the park-hotel «Vinter’s Dacha», the best country resort in Karelia. Location, architecture and interior, landscape, service, leisure opportunities, historical context ... here you will everything for a full “reboot”. Upon arrival, take a tour around the historical estate.

Vinter’s Museum imageVinter’s Museum

The park-hotel is surrounded by descending coniferous forest to Ladoga and combines pristine luxury of nature which rich history and highest level of comfort. Accommodation choice varies from deluxe hotel rooms to 3-bedroom secluded private cottage to fit your requirements.

Wilderness & comfort imageWilderness & comfort

Gustav Yohaness Vinter was a brilliant surgeon and prominent public figure built on the territory of the cape Taruniemi unique park around his country house. Country house is surrounded byevergreen coniferous forests and crystal clear lakes, Ladoga Lake hiding behind a granite fortress. Artist & philosopher Nikolay Rerikh visited Gusatav Vinter pretty often and wrote here more than 200 pictures (you may wish to visit local museum).

Wilderness & comfort imageWilderness & comfort

Upon arrival, take your first training at buggu track with our English-speaking instructor. Get ready for tomorrow's adventure!

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