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Discovering Volgograd region

Dubovka imageDubovka

Day Schedule


➤Tour to Dubovka

➤Cheese & wine degustation

➤Transfer to airport

Volgograd region imageVolgograd region

Where did the tribes of the Sarmatians, Khazars, Pechenegs and Gold Horde Khans lived? Where are the capital of the Volga Cossack army? Whrere were the largest trade shows, barns and merchant mansions of the 19th century in the Volga region? Where Stepan Rain and Emelyan Pugachev stayed between their riots, and see the roads Tamerlan's army walked. At a 500-year-old oak, you can make a wish that will certainly come true.

Russia's most northern winery imageRussia's most northern winery

Finally, visti a local hereditary winemakers - Russia's most northern, by the way, and have cheese degudstation in the family cheese factory. (Wine degustation is optional).

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