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Russian Bay imageRussian Bay

Day Schedule



➤ Lunch

➤ Whale-watching

➤Return to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, searching for killer whales

➤Disembark and transfer to the lodge

Avacha Bay imageAvacha Bay

No one in the world's oceans compares to a killer whale in intelligence, efficiency and gracefulness. Kamchatka is thr best place in Russia and one of the best in the world to observe these fast and slick animals. Imagine - a seven-meter predator with sharp teeth and very high intelligence slides smoothly next to your boat, quietly cutting the waves with a meter fin. You can hear its breath just a few metres away. It is amazing toee a killer whale, and very often a whole family of killer whales. Bad reputation had always followed them. But the more scientists learn about killer whales, the more difficult their social organization, behavior and social roles look like.

Marine Wildlife imageMarine Wildlife

The steep shores of the bay are inhabited by numerous bird colonies (hatchets, ducks, cormorants, gulls, dead ends), and the entrance to it is guarded by hundreds of sivuch individuals, which arranges an annual sunbed on Cape Kekurny. The most desirable guests in the bay are herds of killer whales and whales, observed annually in these waters. Cutting through the waters of the Pacific Ocean with their black fins, they come here for a feast, which invariably pleases observers.

Marine  Wildlife imageMarine Wildlife

Upon arrival to the port, meet your transfer van and return to the hotel.

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