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Hump back whale imageHump back whale

Day Schedule


➤Transfer to seaport and embarkment

➤Three Brothers, Starichkov Island and various bays

➤Lunch with fresh seafood

➤Russian Bay

➤ Whale watching

➤Dinner & overnight onboard

Starichkov Island imageStarichkov Island

After breakfast, we travel to the seaport to embark our yacht. Meet the camptain and have a safety briefing. On our way to the Russian Bay, visit such highlights as Three Brothers Rocks, Starichkov Islands, Bezymyannaya Bay, Bolshaya and Malaya Sarannaya, Sabotage. In Vilyuchinskaya Bay, we observe marine animals, white-billed eagles and a colony of seabirds. Our experienced captain has been sailing in these waters for over 20 years and knows perfectly where the best locations to watch gray whales, humpback whales and killer whales are. Lunch's on the way. Just before entering Russian Bay, we will visit Cape Kekurny, where the year-round sea lions are located. In the evening, the boat enters the Russian Bay. Enjoy dinner with fresh seafood and spend a night on board our yacht.

Marine Wildlife imageMarine Wildlife

The main species of whales migrating to the shores of eastern Kamchatka are: gray whale, humpback whale, sperm whale, northern floats and killer whales. Most gray whales spend the summer in the waters of the Kronotsky and South Kamchatka reserves. Later, they migrate to their native shores of Mexico and America. There they reproduce and rest. In winter, single gray whale can be found near the peninsula. After a period of rest, gray whales in the amount of more than 20,000 individuals swim again to the coasts of the Far East, and 200 of them go to the waters of Kamchatka. Within the water area, whales are monitored by employees of the protected area.

Marine  Wildlife imageMarine Wildlife

One of the most beautiful bays on the east coast of Kamchatka, Russian Bay is 8 km length. Narrow deep and long, with steep steep banks overgrown with glasses. Its width is 1300 m in the middle part, and the length is almost 10,000 m (from Cape Entrance to the mouth of the Russkaya River). The depth is 26 m. The low-lying shores, located in the depths of the bay, are rich in shrubs and herbaceous plants, flowers, cherries, ripples, rosehips and cranberries. Quiet and cozy, Russian Bay is famous for its peaceful embience, even when the ocean rages and the burning north winds blow.

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