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Cozy Gurzuf imageCozy Gurzuf

Day Schedule


➤Visiting Anton Chekhov's datcha

➤Time for lunch and free time to explore Gurzuf

➤Transfer to the airport

Cozy streets of Gurzuf imageCozy streets of Gurzuf

Gurzuf is the southful back of Ayu-Dag and the Adalar brother islands in the sea, the whisper of the sea in the morning calm and the rumble of a night storm, the crowds of fishermen on the pier and boys hanging at the anchor of the departing ship, the ruins of the old fortress and Pushkin poems on the poet's birthday.

Chekhov's Datcha imageChekhov's Datcha

Gurzuf's steep, winding streets and old wooden houses, backed by Mt Roman-Kosh, were traditionally a magnet for artists and writers. Anton Chekhov cured his misanthropy on these shores. Trying to escape crowds of Yalta city and find an ideal place for creativity in 1900 Anton Chekhov purchased a small "dacha" house in Gurzuf on the shores of Black Sea. Here, he began to work on his play "Three sisters".

Gurzuf Park imageGurzuf Park

Time for lunch in the town and to explore magnetic Gurzuf on your own. Wander through the old streets of discover what's the most unusual and valuable thing here is, that special flavor of the place, its atmosphere and exotic ambience. They pass under slender candles of cypresses and emerald clusters of grapes, past old houses that have grown into the ground and tastefully smelling open windows, long-silent fountains and openwork grates. They lead to cozy courtyards and rest on someone's doors, roses bloom above them and clematis curls, huge figs of figs and red pomegranate balls hang.

Gurzuf, Little Italy imageGurzuf, Little Italy

Gurzuf Park is an outstanding sample of garden and park art that was founded in XIX. Its main advantage is a unique landscape formed by topiars, dense tree planting, sculptures and original fountains. Most acclaimed Russian port Alexander Pushkin once came here to visit, and was so much impressed by the surrounding landscape that he wrote several lyrical works and was inspired to create famous poems.

Safe trip! imageSafe trip!

At the appropriate time, hit the road back to the airport for your evening departure flight. Or, cancel all you plans and meetings, and get lost in Gurzuf for a few more wonderful days.

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