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Hoverboat to Olkhon

Hivus boat imageHivus boat

Day Schedule


➤Transfer to Olkhon by a hoverboat boat exploring ice grottoes, caves, bays and other natural wonders. Trip will take about 6-7 hours.

➤Arrive Khuzir late afternoon and check in

➤Evening photo session at Cape Burkhan

Ice bubbles imageIce bubbles

Transfer to Olkhon Island by special hovercraft will take 6-7 hours. We will pass famous Peschanaya bay and visit white marble rock Sagan-Zaba, famous for rock painting (2nd millenium BC) . Hovercraft boat is the best way to experience Winter Ice of Lake Baikal. It is safe and secure.

Ice grottoes imageIce grottoes

Explore the Khuzir settlement, making photos of ice caves and grottoes.

Serge at Lake Baikal imageSerge at Lake Baikal

Check in on our cozy hotel and take a tour to Shamanka Rock (Cape Burkhan), where the Baikal ruler lives according to local beliefs.

Ice toros imageIce toros

Ice "toros" - hummocks - can last for hundreds meters. Hot lunch will be served on Baikal.

Ice fishing imageIce fishing

During the tour, those who wish will have an option to try ice fishing, classic Russian winter past time. Upon arrival to eco lodge at Olkhon Island, relax at hot sauna or explore local settlement, Khuzir.

Walking tress imageWalking tress

You will see the largest walking trees on Lake Baikal, which seem to have grown legs 2-3 meters long! And, of course, there will also be transparent ice floes and frozen bubbles. Then, roll it over the natural rink hundreds of kilometers in length.

Kiss of Baikal imageKiss of Baikal

Enjoy some socializing when we do Kiss of Baikal.

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