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Karelian countryside

Stunning Karelia imageStunning Karelia

Day Schedule

➤ Meet & greet at Petrozavodsk airport/train station

➤ Transfer to the forest lodge

➤ Optional activities: snowmobiling, skiing, Russian Banya, ice fishing, skating, vatrushka

Optional activities: skiing imageOptional activities: skiing

Karelian winter is a lively fairy tale with New Year's cards in wavy snowdrifts and fluffy fir trees, with endless snowy expanses and frozen water. Even the frosts here are fabulous - not cracking Siberian, but soft (the average minimum in the north of the republic in January reaches - 17 ° C). In such colds, it is nice to enjoy a chill of snow under your boots, ride on backyards and warm up in the sauna after outdoor activities.

The country club "Denisov Cape" is a picturesque place, created by nature itself for recreation. The club is located 67 kilometers from Petrozavodsk. The cape is a narrow strip of land, surrounded on both sides by the waters of Lake Syamozero, which is considered one of the most fishing places in Karelia. Pine forest and original landscape, bird singing and rustling waves, cozy wooden houses equipped with fireplace and veranda - this is a real Karelia, pure and hospitable.

Try lake skating imageTry lake skating

Tsar Peter the Great traveled through the Russian North. His path to St. Petersburg ran through Syamozerye. The royal motorcade stopped in a small settlement on the shore of the lake. The locals were very excited when they found out what kind of guest they would have to rest and decided to sweat him heartily. They catered many specialties including the Syamozersky fish - the pike and the grouse.

However very soon the Syamozerians realized that the tsar was dissatisfied with something. The tsar asked for a salt and everyone was worried. Peter was unswered in Karelian: "Hey Assola!," meaning "there is no salt".

The tsar perched. And then a young boy came out of the crowd and gave him salt. Peter ate and thanked everyone for the delicious food and warm meeting, and also gave gifts to the young guy. He asked him: "What is your name and where did you get the salt?" At first the guy was confused, but then he told that his name was Deonysius and he often goes to forest places, collects mushrooms and berries, loves to fish. He has a cherished beautiful place on the cape, on Lake Syamozero, where the forest hut stands. There he noticed white stones that tasted salty.

Later this cape began to be called - Deonisov. And the place was since then called "Essoyla".

country lodge imagecountry lodge

Let us know if you would like to try one of numerous optional activities available as those should be booked in advance.

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