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St. Nicholas Chapel imageSt. Nicholas Chapel

Take a walk along the village and learn about the history of the settlement, the way of life and the local traditions.Visit Rukhlyadny Barn, one of the largest museum expositions, where we will see two-story houses of the XIX century, other sights and objects of the village. Visit the ancient center of the landscape - the hill and the iconia St. Nicholas Chapel of the XVIII century on its top - a symbol of the Kenozersky National Park and its relict cultural landscape.

Kenozero imageKenozero

After lunch, take a boat trip through the waters of the southern part of Kenozero. Here, far from the city bustle, you will find an amazing world of a kenozersky village with carefully stored chapels, many of which are blocked by the famous kenozersky painted "heavens," with worship crosses, with grandmothers still remembering ancient songs and fairy tales. This world is imbued with legends and shrouded in mysteries: why each village has its own order of houses, what power the "sacred" trees own, why you can't make noise in the "holy" grove, does the village have its own heavenly patron, what is "grow" and why did they put worship crosses there? You will see the chapel of St. Vlasius of the XIX century. In Tyryshkino village we will visit the smallest chapel in Russia.

Ancient crafts imageAncient crafts

In the evening, try yourself in local master-classes on ancient crafts.

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