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Drive 6-7 hours to Kenozero national park and reverve. Accommodation in a local gues house. (Please not twin and tripe room sharing only). Traditional lunch. There is something else elusively chthonic, ancient, but not dilapidated and crumbling, yet spilled in the transparent air . Legacy of generations flowing from age to age. Nothing changed here since the first Russian tsars. Ancient groves are full of voices, whispers of herbs and stones. Fall into dry tall grass, look in the blue sky and embrace smell of herbs, flowers, earth. Feel the world like it mean to be before humans created civilization.

Kenozero imageKenozero

On a steep ridge separating Pochozero and Svyatozerom we will visit old villages and meet locals. Here you will see the unique Pochozersky temple complex dating from 1700. This is an outstanding monument of ancient Russian wooden architecture, the ensemble "troika," consisting of two churches and a bell tower, one of the five preserved in the Russian North and one of three in the Arkhangelsk region. From the north, the planning and compositional axis of the churches is emphasized by a plastic-curved chopped fence of the 18th century, surrounding an old cemetery with a "holy" grove. The entire complex of the Pochozersky graveyard ends with a small chapel of St. Kirik and Ulita of the XIX century.

St Nichlas church imageSt Nichlas church

A chain of non-wide lakes - the Summer Lakhta, Kolobovo, Winter Lakhta, connected by channels, Svyatosero, the Undosha River have become a favorite nesting place for many species of birds, and ancient larch groves in the district of Pochozera preserve the biological diversity of the indigenous northern taiga. In the evening, attend a local folk performance in a taverna.

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