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Sakhalin delicacies imageSakhalin delicacies

Helicopter tour. Gastronomic trip to Lake Busse 2 hours from South-Sakhalin. The unique lake is rich in various sea delicacies: here and chillums salad, under the color of algae, and sea scallops, and crabs-hairs, and large siren hedgehogs in living barbs, and rapan, and giant oysters, and sea stars of different species. We 'll take white wine of course to accompany. We catch food for lunch ourselves, we prepare an escort team.

End of the world imageEnd of the world

Further by helicopter on the Cape of Slepikovsky, the southwest, the only sandy cape on Sakhalin, the Sakhalin Baltic with the real sandy dunes. Here grow "red-knuckles" with beautiful, poetic names, such as this sharp, oak curly, juniper Sargent, padub wrinkled. A funny bright green frog with suckers on paws - Far Eastern Quaksha – endemic species, reside there. It is forbidden to breed fire in the reserve, a cold snack will be served. Return by helicopter to Yuzhno-Sakhalin. As helicopter tour is weather dependent, we also have an alternative program of the day. Mount Frog, only 20 km from the city. The Ainu, who are indigenous to Sakhalin, considered the rock to be a temple of wisdom and argued that by climbing the mountain one could ask a treasure question and, if the spirits went down, one could get an answer. Local people argue that when they come to the mountain with a problem, they necessarily get a solution, and that here people open channels for perception of the information flow. Attention: this trekking is 3 hours, simple.

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