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Anyui National Park imageAnyui National Park

Day Schedule


➤Departure for Anyui National Park

➤Meet & greet at the manor of Manoma. Lunch serving the Far-Eastern delicacies (Stroganina, red caviar, fish soup, mushrooms, fish fried on a lattice and in a drum, drinks on the Far Eastern herbs)

➤Departure by boat on a tour of Anyui National Park: the Anyui River, Manoma. Fishing (grayling, lenok, taimen)


➤Departure for Khabarovsk. Transfer to the hotel.

Anyui National Park imageAnyui National Park

Anyui National Park is a unique natural complex. The Anyui River originates near the central part of the Sikhote-Alin mountain system, flows into the mouth of the Nayha canal. The length of the river is 393 kilometres. The uniqueness of the river lies in the fact that the river basin is scarcely populated. Currently, there are only three settlements (one on the Anyui River and two on the Manoma River).

There are also several nature monuments in the river basin, for example, rocks within a plot of incised meandering, an island in a river bed formed behind a fragment of fallen rock, a Nadge rock, and others.

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