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Local Lore Museum imageLocal Lore Museum

Day Schedule


➤City tour of Khabarovsk (3 hours), story about the objects of Gulag in Khabarovsk


➤Visit of the Museum of Local Lore (History of Gulag in Khabarovsk region), Memorial complex dedicated to the memory of the repressed, a meeting with the representatives of the Khabarovsk regional "Memorial" well known in the world the international historical, educational, charitable and human right society.

➤Boat trip on the Amur river. Dinner

➤Transfer to the train station to board the overnight train to Komsomolsk-on-Amur

Soviet GULAG map imageSoviet GULAG map

Alongside criminals and recidivists, the majority of Gulag prisoners were completely innocent people locked up for a broad variety of political reasons – on the basis of trumped-up charges or ethnicity, or even without apparent cause.

Historians estimate the total number of Gulag prisoners at 15-18 million, of whom at least 1.5 million did not survive their incarceration. The victims of the Soviet Gulag were not only from the nations of the USSR but were also citizens of other countries – Czechoslovaks, Poles, Hungarians, Frenchmen, Americans, and others.

Part of these people were brought here, to the region, in the 30th-40th years of the XXth century, as well as to the surrounding area.

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