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Naadam imageNaadam

Today is the opening day of the Naadam Festival. After having breakfast we will drive to the central stadium of Ulaanbaatar to see the delightful opening ceremony of the Naadam Festival.

The Festival starts with a transferring ceremony of the nine white banners from the government house to the Naadam stadium followed by a horse parade. Chinggis Khaan used to use the nine banners during festivals and in peaceful times. At 11 am magnificent opening ceremony takes place.

11.00: A ceremony to place the Great White Banners at Central Stadium

11.10: President of Mongolia officially opens Naadam Festival and pay respect to the Great White Banners, Central Stadium

11.20: Grand Opening of the National Holiday-Naadam Festival at Central Stadium

13.00-17.00: Wrestling tournament starts

Naadam imageNaadam

We will see some wrestling, and after that visit to anklebone shooting and archery competitions, which will be held just outside of main stadium.

Lunch at Naadam Stadium, traditional Naadam Khuushuur (fried dumplings followed by test famous Airag) and drive to Khui Doloo Khudag to attend horse racing

14.00-17.00: Above five-year-old horse (Ikh nas) race at Khui doloon khudag

Come back to UB, transfer to your hotel. Dinner and free time. Overnight hotel.

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