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Day Schedule


➤Transfer to Khandyga (432 km). It will take 10 hours with all stops. Ice crossing through Lena River. In the evening, ice crossing through the Aldan River.

➤Visit the local museum in Cherekh village (optional)

➤On arrival to Khadynga village in the late evening, have rest in a family hotel


Khandyga is an urban locality in Yakutia, located on the northeast corner of the Aldan River, where the river turns from north to west, the Kolyma Highway. It was founded in 1938 as a base for the construction of the Kolyma Highway towards Magadan. During World War II, an airfield was built here for the Alaska-Siberian air route used to ferry American Lend-Lease aircraft to the Eastern Front.

Winter majesty imageWinter majesty

We take special vans plus extra van for your security. On the route, you're required to follow insturctions of the guide.

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